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Everyone's probably seen these, but I wanted to post something here.



Everything went a little...

So, the other night my family stopped at the bookstore between errands and dinner. Not very unusual, in of itself. What happened when we came out was, though.

On the way to the car I spotted something on the sidewalk--or rather hiding in a crack between the sidewalk and the wall. I'm honestly not sure now I did spot it.

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Doodle time

Sorry I haven't been posting, I'll try to remember this.
In the meantime, have a pointless doodle.

Yes, Virginia...

It came out looking like a Christmas card didn't it? Yeah...
Well, if you don't recognise it, the line is from Mrs O. off the Dresden Dolls album Yes Virginia. All song context aside, it struck me as a good mental image and an odd little act of defiance...

As if anyone's interested: Sketched in Autodesk Sketchbook, lined and shading tones in Manga Studio, colour in photoshop and the snow was brushes. 30-ish minutes.

And I still exist...


So maybe I should start at the beginning with this con trip! I was kind of vague and offline for a while I know.

To begin with, a lot depended on getting the parade dragon done. I did at the vary last minute.

Yes, he looks sort of like a fuzzy Deathclaw. That was completely unintentional. But the main thing is, done!

So things looked pretty good for the trip, right? Right. After the mess with the car AC dying, we get as far as MO with no particular problems. I'll post some pics from there later. Oh, and my net dropped out in Arkansas, which was lovely. But overall, no problems. Until the brakes went out when we head for IL. Just like that. Alright, not QUITE out, but shrieking and tearing up the rotors something lovely. And we were on a highway with nowhere to actually stop...

Disaster yes? Yes. Less than it could have been, though. In IL some kids volunteered (well, not quite) to fix things for parts and less than the mechanic's would have wanted. Mind you, the mechanics were closed too, and I needed to be in WI in the morning. So um, about half a disaster. Wild and crazy times all the same.

Serenity is not allowed to break down again any time soon, let me tell you...
Oh, the good bit? I didn't name the car that, my dad did...


So that was the first leg of the trip, more when I feel like typing some more.
In the meantime, have a doodle.

I don't even know how that one happened. He didn't even start out a cat. Oh well, enjoy.
Edit: Inked it! Still just a doodle but rather nicer now.
Edit2: And stripes...